Construction – The PIPE

What is The PIPE® made of?

The construction of The PIPE is what makes it the most rugged guard patrol system available. 6.65" in length and 1.46" wide, The PIPE is constructed of corrosion resistant #304 stainless steel, and is sealed to make it resistant to tampering as well as making it waterproof. Through years of continual improvement, this construction gives The PIPE many times the strength of plastic and aluminum designed patrol wands.

The "guts" or electronics of The PIPE are protected from shock and moisture, by embedding them in an epoxy resin.

To ensure long and reliable battery life we weld the battery connections and encase the battery in a special rubber sleeve. There are no spring loaded terminals that could lead to failure. We do the manufacturing, which allows us to control the high level of quality you expect and we maintain.

The best way to make sure you have a successful security officer patrol is to choose the most advanced, most rugged reader!